Employees Prefer Job Security Over Workplace Aesthetics

Kiwi Movers is a storage and removal company that undertook a study on workplaces after they experienced a recent increase in mothballed office accessories. The results of the study conducted by the furniture removal company revealed that businesses usually focus on the wrong things and confuse perks for culture.

Office staff is actually annoyed with table football, ping pong and hammocks because what they need is job security. The study revealed that more than 25% of office staff disliked the stuff with 14% appreciating their presence.

According to Cary Cooper, a psychology professor from Manchester University, happy workplaces do not require beanbags, barbeque stations and ball pits. In their attempt to create a happy workplace for their employees, businesses make the mistake to turn the area in a circus. They make the effort to improve perception from potential hires and journalists.

Workplace contentment cannot be achieved by enhancing the aesthetics of the workplace. Workplace contentment can be generated through job security and work satisfaction. Swanky offices are certainly worth posting on Instagram but they will not win any staff satisfaction award.

According to the study, employees crave for a little bit more privacy that can be provided by a screen in an office with an open design. From the 1,000 workers that were surveyed, nearly 75% said that they feel a sense of anxiety when they know that others are watching what they are working on.

Employees are more appreciative of comfortable and good quality furniture including free lunch and coffee. 79% prefer reliable and modern technology to office aesthetics. They consider some office accessories to be pointless.

Employees prefer more tangible office perks with an immediate benefit. Young workers are more likely to be happy with environmental perks like recreational equipment while others prefer to have a more spacious office. 58% believed that if some non-essential stuff is moved, there willbe more space for work.

The prized possessions, furniture and equipment of your office can be efficiently handled through Sydney furniture removals. You can rest assured that all your furniture and equipment will be handled carefully to ensure that they reach the destination safely without any damages.


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