Eco-Friendly Weddings Pushed By Green Brigade

A campaign is currently ongoing to make sure that wedding halls will not make use of plastics. The ban was put into place by Coimbatore Corporation this October. Aside from this, the halls are also enforcing a waste segregation campaign. While other couples are busy looking for marquee hire in Melbourne, those in India are becoming more aware of the effects of plastic to the environment.

The campaign was initiated by volunteers working for the No Dumping NGO together with ambassadors from Swachh Bharat to make sure that weddings as well as parties will use less plastic materials as much as possible to minimize the plastic waste afterwards.

According to one of the volunteers, P Roopa, several meetings were conducted between the hotel owners and the associations I charge of the catering sector. During the meetings, they were mandated to conduct measures that will minimize the use of plastic as well as segregate the waste afterwards. He is a member of No Dumping thus they are inclined to help these organizations. He said that they have already implemented the measures in three weddings as well as a birthday party.

Looking at the survey they have conducted, the average wedding generates one tone of plastic bottle wastes. The secretary of Resident Awareness Association of Coimbatore, R Raveendran, said that this can be easily remedied if the wedding couple decides to utilize reusable tumblers instead. Aside from using steel tumblers, the group has also developed reusable tumblers made of plastic which can be used between 20 and 40 times if proper cleaning is done. Proper cleaning is possible by cleaning the tumblers with a sponge, rinsing it with water and blow drying.

Officials from the corporation also expressed their concern about the matter and sited the Solid Waste Management Rules of 2017 which states that the ones making the waste should be the ones to dispose them. Moreover, bulk generators of waste should make sure to employ waste segregation and the venue should have a composting space.

They call out to people around the world to not just worry about getting a marquee hire in Melbourne but to also be mindful of their generated waste after the party.


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