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For starters, what is a real estate agent and why is it so important for property owners to hire one? To put it in understandable terms for those who are not knowledgeable in this specific industry, a real estate agent is first and foremost, a licensed professional who mainly works as a representative of buyers and sellers in transaction involving real estate properties. Majority of the real estate agents around the world are working for real estate brokers or an experienced realtor. In addition to this, real estate agents Hemel Hempstead are working on commission so how much they would will depend hugely on their ability to assist their respective clients and their success rate in closing transactions whether it’s buying or selling a residential property.  These agents can perform a wide variety of duties for their clients. For one, they can advise clients who are selling properties on how to properly price their properties for maximum profit and how to properly prepare the said property for sale which include undertaking last-minute improvements that can furthermore increase the selling price of the property and consequently increasing the possibility of it getting sold as soon as possible. Agents who are working for clients who wish to buy properties, are in charge in sweeping through the list of properties that are being sold and match them with the price range which has been indicated by the buyers.


Earlier this month, it has been reported that easyProperty, an online agency of estate agents Hemel Hempstead,is on the edge of a possible merger with the firm that is behind The Guild of Property Professionals in hopes of seizing the market share from both online and traditional agencies. The said 60 million-Pound deal is set to allow members of the GPEA, the parent company of both The Guild and the Fine and Country, to use easyProperty’s online sales and lettings packages program that will go along its traditional commission model. The deal is a welcome development for both sides as online estate agencies have been booming as of late as sellers have been finding more cost-effective ways to sell their properties.


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