Driverless Cars – Technology For The Future

Are people prepared to give up the control of their car in favor of automation? Car makers tell their consumers to be ready for driverless cars which will be the technological innovation of the century. On the other hand, there are individuals who hate the idea of driverless cars because they are not prepared to trust a robot to keep them out of harm’s way in the streets and highways. It is expected that technology will soon take over the roads but people are not yet ready to give up their control over the wheels.

The technology of driverless cars is a little overwhelming for most people. The biggest obstacle to consumer acceptance is fear. Most consumers have experienced computer crashes as part of their daily life and they do not trust software to ensure their safety. A survey made by J. D. Power revealed that about 23% of Baby Boomers would trust the driverless technology. Acceptance of the technology improves with the younger consumers but many still prefer to control their vehicle.

Firsthand experience with driverless cars will assuage the apprehensions of most consumers but experience can be hard to come by because only engineers are allowed to test the cars. The first exposure to cars that require little or no input from humans is through semi-autonomous features that include automatic brake systems and adaptive cruise control that operates the brakes and accelerator to stay at a safe distance from another vehicle.

The willingness of a driver to give up his control over the vehicle to automation may reduce crashes that have been blamed to human error; however, drivers are willing to relinquish control if they are have the option of taking over during an emergency situation. Drivers will always need to feel that they are still part of the driving process.

At the moment, the driverless technology has not affected Ferrari 488 for sale because car enthusiasts are still bent on driving a high performance car that will make heads turn in the streets of Los Angeles and Monaco. Robots may rule the car industry in the future but it is very unlikely to take over the controls from a Ferrari.


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