Dishonest Negative Reviews Can Damage The Reputation Of An Employer

Online reviews help people make decisions on what food they should buy, what hotel to choose, how much to pay for product and services and what job to apply for. Online review sites are increasingly becoming the to-go-to place for job seekers who want to evaluate a potential employer.

According to the results of a recent survey made by Fractl, one in three workers turn down a job after reading negative reviews about the company. From the 1,096 workers polled who left a review of a former employer, most of the reviews came from disgruntled former employees who want to share their experiences with a company.

More than 50% of the workers gave their former employer 1 to 2 stars. Eight in ten employees do not regret leaving a review but 12% wished that they the review was more negative. Most former employees claim that their reviews were honest but according to survey results, 10% of the respondents admitted that they lied or stretched the truth in their reviews. Almost 50% of the dishonest reviewers left a negative comment because they wanted to damage the reputation of the former employer.

Review sites allow current and former employees to leave reviews in the platform. For example, Glassdoor requires users to register a permanent and active email address and social media account. Once the information is verified, the employee is allowed to post one review per employer every year.

Other review sites use a combination of machine learning and human moderation to determine whether a review is authentic. Reviews can be rejected if they include discriminatory language or critical and spiteful comments with derogatory content.

According to Scott Dobroski, spokesperson of Glassdoor, job seekers must do their own research on a potential employer. Job seekers must not focus on negative reviews because there are reviews that generally share good experiences with a company.

Current and former employees that posted review are generally satisfied by the work environment in the digital agency. It is very likely that the employees are motivated to leave a positive review because of a good working experience with managers that motivate and empower their team to work.


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