Direct Cremation Now Available At Union Cemetery

Burying someone you love is not an easy thing. It is a burden emotionally, physically and financially. This is an ongoing crisis that haunts many including the people from Bakersfield. In order to bury someone they love, they need to conduct fundraising activities or setup GoFundMe pages in order to get enough donations to carry on with a traditional burial without leaving themselves buried in debt. Cremation, however, is a much affordable option because the families will only need memorial urns and they don’t have to pay much for things such as coffin and a large plot of land.

In order to help the people of Bakersfield, the Union Historic Cemetery decided to take matters on their own hand. A cemetery representative said that they have seen how the community struggles to give their loved ones a proper burial but a full body service can be very expensive for many.

In the last few years, burial cost along with the cost of funeral has skyrocketed. A burial can be as expensive as $5,000 and the funeral may be as expensive sometimes. This amount is not even the most luxurious service but only the most basic package.

This is why Union decided to offer a solution through direct cremation. This is possible because of the cremation equipment found on-site the cemetery ever since the 60s. The cemetery was recently awarded with its very own funeral home license which means they will be able to offer direct cremation to families and stop contracting as a third party.

The service will only cost the family $775 which will cover the transport of the human remains, storage as well as cremation. The cemetery will able to be the one to provide a basic plastic urn for the ashes. The family can choose to use their own memorial urns if they want to purchase but it can also be done later on if they are no longer financially tight. There is no need for the family to pay for paperwork fees both local and state required in disposing bodies as it is already covered with the amount paid.


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