The Cost Per Day To Visit These Famous Asian Cities

Been dreaming of going to a few of the famous Asian cities?

The Seattle Times listed how to set a budget for accommodations, food, transportation and attractions. Even though Asia is a place to travel on a budget, they have allocated a higher budget to ensure that all expenses are accounted for.

Hong Kong ($170 per day)

This is the most expensive Asian city. The transportation costs, by subway or taxi, will be lesser, but the other expenses are likely to be higher.

Accommodations ($80 per day)

For someone who chooses a hostel, this will be around $20 per night. For hotels, it costs around $50 – $200.

Food ($40 per day)

Costs can be lesser when eating street food. However, a minimum of $40 per day is needed when one plans to eat and drink through Hong Kong the right way.

Transportation ($20 per day)

Taking the subway or walking can save one money, although transportation here is not too expensive.

Attractions ($30 per day)

A lot of Hong Kong’s popular attractions will cost little or much, depending on how one wants to spend.

Bangkok ($115 per day)

There are numerous reasons to love Thailand – its low living costs is surely one reason. Here, food costs are very low, this means more for accommodations and shopping.

Accommodations ($50 per day)

This varies from $10 for a budget hostel bed to $50 for a medium-priced hotel room. There are many options to choose from, such as a capsule hotel in Bangkok or other well-priced options.

Food ($20 per day)

A meal will cost around $5 – $10 each meal, if one sticks with local restaurants and street food.

Transportation ($15 per day)

The subway system takes one to most parts in the city, so this doesn’t mean too much to get around. For other places unreachable by train, a taxi or tuk-tuk should do it.

Attractions ($30 per day)

There are numerous cheap things to do. However, one shouldn’t miss the Grand Palace, where entrance fees cost $15. Chatuchak weekend market is the best destination for shopping.

Tokyo and Singapore

Other cities like Tokyo and Singapore will set one back $150 and $130 per day respectively.


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