Contest For Best Christmas Card Begins In Gawler

The holidays mean decorating the tree, going on a vacation, wearing Christmas onesies and sending out Christmas cards. For the town of Gawler, it means another competition is starting. They are encouraging young and amateur artists to join their contest. All they have to do is send a painting or drawing with the Christmas theme which will be used on the official Christmas card of the Council. This competition is an annual event for the council and the entire town.

Karen Redman, mayor of Gawler, send the invitation to join to the students of primary schools. They can either paint or draw as long as the scene is about the Christmas spirit and what it means for the children.

Mayor Redman said that the winners of the competition will be awarded gift vouchers. All of the participating schools will receive a bundle of books to be sponsored by Gawler Books. She gushed about how proud he is with the Christmas spirit within their community.

The competition will showcase three different categories – the first is the reception and year 1, the second is year 2 and year 3 category while the third is the year 4 and year 5 categories. The council is in partnership with Gawler Books which will be awarding three prizes for each of the respective categories. The first prize will be a Gawler Bookshop voucher $100 worth, second prize is $75 while third prize is $50.

Mayor Redman explained that the designs of the winners will be featured in the official Christmas cards of the council for 2018. This will give the young artists the chance for their artistic abilities to be shown to the entire town of Gawler. Three designs will be used which means one winner for every category. The printed Christmas cards will also include the name of the student, their grade level and the school under which they are enrolled.

The websites of the council will also feature the winning entries for the entire holiday season. The winners along with their parents and a representative from school will also have the chance to attend the Awards Ceremony. This is the time to skip the Christmas onesies and dress up for the special occasion.


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