Changes In Education System In Thailand Made Foreign Teachers Wish For Stability

The Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-ocha, recognizes that the country desperately needs some reforms with regards to education. His first move to start these reforms is to remove the senior citizens that are working under the TCT or Teachers’ Council of Thailand. It was April 17 when the removal took effect.

The TCT is the agency responsible in the development of the professionals, setting the standards used in academic and they are the ones issuing the licenses to teachers. Since the education system in Thailand has not seen very much improvement in more than ten years, the move was met with positive reactions from the citizens.

The parents are not the only ones that accepted the decision with slight objection, majority of the foreign teachers are also relieved now that TCT’s current leadership has been overhauled. For many foreign teachers, they consider TCT a constant issue because of its policies which are always changing. This made the teachers go through a lot regularly.

It is very important that the youth of Thailand receive not just quality but appropriate education coming from individuals who have been entrusted to do the job and those that recognizes that it is a very important task which should not be neglected. Majority of the people are in agreement that background check as well as monitoring staffs who are working for the school is important because educators and language instructors alike must have the right knowledge, skills as well as temperament that is suited in an institution. Many foreign teachers agree with these measures but what is frustrating and infuriating for them is that the measures are done inconsistently and the rules are always changing when it comes to introduction and enforcement of the policy.

It has been a practice for several years by the TCT to make it complicated to hire foreign language educators. This is in contradiction to the policy of the Ministry of Education to encourage schools in hiring teachers that are native speakers of the English language. It is noted by teachers who have undergone TEFL course in Thailand that education departments are not on the same boat – one department encourage foreign teachers while the other one poses limitations when it comes to their rights to teach legally.


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