Chamber Boss Not Happy With Inaccurate Weather Report Of Port Douglas

The media is currently under fire after the Douglas Chamber of Commerce slammed its recent weather report which puts Port Douglas in a bad light. According to the Chamber boss, they are not able to tell that Townsville, North Queensland is far from Douglas Shire which is located in the Far North Queensland geographically. Due to bad weather reporting, bookings and rentals of local shuttle services have declined since tourists thought that Port Douglas is currently suffering from bad weather.

Liz Ross, the president of the Chamber, said that because of the false perception that Port Douglas’ weather is as bad as Townsville led to the decline of the number of people coming to the port. It all boiled down to the fact that the media do not know their geography very well.

She said that the media’s understanding of the geography in Queensland is very poor. They just assume two sides – if not South East then they think it is Far North. These two regions actually cover a mass of area larger than most think.

Her statement came after news of the damage recently suffered by Townsville due to the heavy rains which led many to thinking that Port Douglas was also a victim. She explained that when people hear about Sydney getting hail storms, they do not automatically think the same thing is going on in Canberra. In the case of Queensland, she claims that the media does not know much of geography in the area.

Due to the false reporting of the media, the retailers of Port Douglas are currently feeling the negative impact. Some shared how they were not able to have sales for the past seven days after the reporting came out. Occupancy rate has also lowered and, overall, the tourism of Port Douglas received a huge blow.

Compared to other months of the year, this is not the peak season for them but this is the first time that they saw how quite everything is from lack of the usual activities. When hotels bookings are low, local shuttle services are also negatively impacted. The president of the Chamber is hoping for a more responsible reporting next time.


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