Challenger Acquisition Of Wiersma Trucking From Kitchener

Dan Einwechter and Ed Wiersma have known each other for decades, and Einwechter commented that the two of them have always stayed in contact through the years of their businesses in operation. They share an industry and a friendship within business boundaries.

Dan Einwechter is the Cambridge-based Challenger Motor Freight’s Chief Executive Officer, and in the light of recent years he has informed Ed Wiersma that if he ever thought about retiring or even selling the 1980’s company he had started, aptly named Ed Wiersma Trucking that had a base trucking in Kitchener, he should let Dan know. In May of 2018, Ed had let Dan know of his retirement plans, and the procedures for handing over his Kitchener-based trucking company to Challenger Motor Freight have been initiated

The CEO of Challenger had stated that the deal had gone down fairly quickly considering he and Ed Wiersma have considered each other friends and nurtured a strong bond of trust.

Ed Wiersma Trucking’s 13 staff members, along with its fleet of 16 trucks and trailers, will likewise be transported a short way to Challenger headquarters. Ed and his wife Grace had gone through with their retirements.

The retiring owner of Wiersma Trucking had said the deal was a good decision for the business, adding that despite being blessed with a lot of drivers who had served with them for a great many years, there has been an added challenge recently to get new drivers as well as people whom are as attracted to the lifestyle for trucking in Kitchener and all around for the company’s transport needs.

In spite of his retirement however, Ed Wiersma had still cared for the employees the trucking company still had, wanting to make sure they were all able to have a “good home”, which was emphasized by his decision to trust the company to Dan Einwechter.

Former Wiersma Trucking employees will be joining a team that of over 1,600 people all across Canada, their 16 trucks adding to the existing pool of 1,300, and their trailers to the 3,000 that Challenger has. Dan Einwechter had also commented on the high demand of their services within the trucking industry. He emphasized that acquisitions such as that of Wiersma will continue as the business grows.


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