Century-Old Home Proves The Longevity Of Terracotta Tiles

There are many locally-made roof tile materials like terracotta and slate and modern materials like concrete and plastic. Roof tiles are installed on the framework of the roof through nails. It is common for roof tiles to be hung in parallel rows with each row overlapping the row below. To provide a protective weather envelope, roof tiling in Sydney is required for the delicate job.

Terracotta roof tiles were specifically required for the re-roofing of a 130-year old grand homestead in NSW Southern Highlands to respect its original aesthetics and honour its heritage. Terracotta roof tiles were originally used on the Federation-style home.

According to Anne Thomas, who has owned the home for 10 years, the grand homestead was well-preserved when she bought it. The interior has been renovated but one of the bathrooms was original. Anne loved the new floor bath, new vanity and the original tiles. The only change that Anne has made since she bought the home is the separate wing to accommodate guests.

When it was time to re-roof the heritage home, Anne was very careful with her choices from the materials specified to the tillers who will work on the roof. The longevity of terracotta tiles was proven because after 130 years, most of them were still original. The colour has remained as strong as when it was first laid.

Anne decided to choose Monier’s Terracotta Marseille tiles in earth colour because it resembles the original tiles’ aesthetics and style. Anne really loved the old lovely roof but it has to be replaced after 130 years. The roof would have been fine for a few decades more but local possums that lived in the roof cracked the tiles. Even if the home has a new roof, its looks have not changed; it just became a little fresher and tidier.

If you are planning to replace the tiles on the roof, your best option is roof tiling in Sydney that has gained a reputation for good service for the last 20 years. The importance of a good roof can never be stressed enough so that even the slightest hint of damage has to be fixed immediately.



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