Central Pattana To Create Pattaya’s First Themed Mall

Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) made a THB 1 billion investment in order to launch ‘CentralMarina,’ a themed mall set in Pattaya city, which has a one-of-a-kind lighthouse and an exciting vibe similar to a fisherman’s village, under the ‘Marina Fun – Enjoy the Fun Every Day’ concept. It puts together a fashion outlet, shopping center, cinema, supermarket, premium seafood market, an outdoor market and a ‘Public House’ to highlight Pattaya being a tourist city and to create an exciting vibe.

Showcasing the tourist city of Pattaya

CPN’s Chief Development Officer Wallaya Chirathivat mentioned that Pattaya is included in the top 19 tourist cities in the world this year, and it is also included in the top three tourist cities of Thailand following Bangkok and Phuket. He added that Pattaya is undoubtedly a tourist city, with it being a beach holiday destination and an ideal place for various recreational and leisure activities. The city welcomes more than 8 million tourists every year.

The highlight provided by ‘CentralMarina’ is its excellent and colorful design. Here, visitors can experience fun with their five senses: sight, through excellent decor and architecture filled with the spirit and vibe of a European fisherman’s village; hearing, through the music and the sound of waves by the seaside; taste, through the fresh seafood; smell, through the freshness and scent of the sea breeze; and touch, through the photo backgrounds and unusual features like their cute Puffin birds, according to Mr Chirathivat.

They believe that their themed mall is going to be a landmark in the city, and it is going to become a venue that enables entertainment and fun for locals and tourists, as well as correspond to the changing lifestyles of consumers. They are aiming groups like foreign tourists, working people, housewives and teenagers.

‘CentralMarina’ is on Pattaya Sai 2 Road in the center of the city. It was previously called Central Center Pattaya. The renovation happened to create additional attractions and bring more vibrancy and color to their shopping center.

Summing up

With Pattaya’s continued growth, it is no wonder that the demand and supply for house for sale in Pattaya, condos, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and other businesses is pushed by the tourist visits to the resort city.



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