Cats Setting A New Standard After Victory Against Richmond

Fans of Cats are already heading to AFL stores such as market sports in order to get their hands on their latest merchandise as the team smashed Richmond on its most recent game. Patrick Dangerfield was right when he said that Cats are out to make a new statement as they face Richmond one more time. It was after the team won with a difference of 67 points against the Tigers during game night hosted by MCG.

Dangerfield was known to be the best when it comes to ground, was able to get 38 disposals along with 17 contested possessions during the said game. The Cats gave it their all because the opposing team has already defeated them in the last three consecutive matches.

After the match was over, Dangerfield told the reporters that they have already considered Richmond to be a great challenge for them thus they have come prepared. After seeing the history with the past games, they know they needed to begin with a bang. They found it hard to achieve at first but they took the chance whenever it presents itself.

For the current season, Geelong now has a record of 11-1 and the team became a favourite for the upcoming premiership. The team has showed their impressive side when it comes to midfield running as well as their forward strength.

The Tigers were able to get the two goals at the beginning of the game and was leading with 11 points during the first quarter mark. Unexpectedly, the Cats made sure to top the 11 majors and they won with a score of 104 to 37.

One of the most impressive players of the night is Gary Ablett with 24 disposals in a display of two goals followed by Mitch Duncan with 34 while Tim Kelly has 32 which contributed a lot to the Cats. The goal kicker who stole the spotlight during the game was Tom Hawkins with four goals while GryanMiers was able to get three goals. The result of the game satisfied fans who headed to market sports right away celebrate the win with new merchandise.


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