Cars Cannot Handle Too Much Heat

Auto experts are sending out warning to car owners who are living in areas with extreme heat or those who are planning to have a summer vacation where the temperature continues to rise. According to them, it is important to be aware of the car issues that could happen caused by rapid increase in temperature. This warning is echoed by AFE which is one of the leading manufacturers of air intake system, exhaust and car air filter among many others.

The manager for a store selling car batteries, Jake Leigh, said that when the temperature begins to increase, it is common to see people who are coming to the shop because they are having problems with the battery of their cars. Leigh added that due to the extreme heat, the battery pack is working harder than even thus weak batteries are more likely to fail during the summer season.

For the past few weeks since the summer started, the battery shop has already managed to replace the batteries of a number of vehicles. Leigh shared that below the hood, the temperature can reach until 200 degrees which is one of the main reasons why corrosion happens internally which affects the battery. Car owners might have trouble starting the car or it might feel dragging at times. Car owners are already familiar with how their vehicle sounds when starting so if there is any small change with the noise, it should be brought to a professional for a checkup right away.

Aside from the battery, there are other problems that could also rise because of the summer heat. There are cars with very low level of coolant therefore the hoses break along with the belt. Comfort is another issue because the air conditioning might not be able to cool the vehicle inside.

There are ways to counter this according to AFE and the first thing is to replace the air filter of the vehicle. The second option is to clean the radiator condenser with a garden hose to remove dirt and bugs. Experts also recommend that there should be jumper cables available inside the vehicle at all times in case the battery dies.


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