Canterbury Lucky To Have Smartlift

The earthquake that shook the floors of Canterbury six year back also sent the business of Craig Burrell, Smartlift Systems, into a roller coaster experience.

Smartlift is a company that specializes in the foundations of residential as well as commercial buildings to ensure that it is levelled and repaired in case of damages. The company was branded as the fastest service business in terms of growth and was included in the Deloitte Fast 50 index for 2016. Overall, the company ranks third as the fastest growing business.

After the earthquake has struck Christchurch, it was when the building work of Burrell started to go down.

The builder is self-employed and he specializes in concrete work. He is confident with setting up his own company after having worked for 11 years in building bridges, construction of tilt slab, concrete floors as well as foundation for buildings, both residential and commercial.

The aftermath of the earthquake left them no choice but to spend weeks, along with his staff, to do volunteer works, helping clean the streets and their closest neighbours in order to get their life back into normal.

The next two years, their contracts were mostly about driveway repairs and a collection of odd jobs in order for him to keep intact his staff consisting of 15 men. Due to the hard times, the number of his staffs eventually lessens.

Burrell admitted that amidst all that, he was busy patenting a lifting device that is specially designed to lift concrete floors, either reinforced or unreinforced. The outcome is a robust machine that is fast and economical. During the time that the machine is ready to be launched to the public, he shared that he is financially short already.

This is when his cousin, Martin Pekham, owner of a successful company operating for 15 years in Brisbane decided to leave everything so they can come and help Burrell in New Zealand. Despite the fact that the project is still unproven, Pekham came with his family. Joining them is Burrell’s very own brother, Stephen.

Smartlift is back on its feet with 60 staff members, an annual turnover of multimillion dollar and is working alongside with Hawkins Infrastructure.

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