Canadians Getting COVID-19 Vaccines In The US As Demand Dips

Canada and the US are close trade partners, something that logistics firms like Titan Transline are very much aware of. With the COVID-19 pandemic, some things changed.

With demand for COVID-19 vaccines dropping in the US, Canadians facing third-wave lockdowns are heading south in order to get their shots months earlier than they would in their home country.

Canada has only inoculated 3% of its population, compared to the US, which has managed to inoculate almost a third of its population. Canada is also allowing for 4-month gaps between the first dose and the second, while the US provides the second dose less than a month after the first in order to properly provide protection sooner.

Notably, this has resulted in the US’s vaccination campaign hitting a tipping point, with supply outdoing demand due to numerous factors. This has resulted in the number of Americans looking to get their shots dropped by around 33%, according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

As a result of these changes, Canadians are heading south of the border to get their COVID-19 vaccines, which means that the US government is paying for Canadians’ COVID-19 shots. The White House has refused to comment on the matter.

Canadian citizens have run into minimal issues getting vaccinated in the US, with the government practically begging people to get inoculated, and several states not requiring proof of residency.

It’s not just Canadians flying south of the border getting vaccines from the US, as cross-border truckers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan have also been getting inoculated in North Dakota, while Alaska’s governor have offered their surplus of vaccines to neighboring Canadian towns so that the border can be reopened sooner.

This means that cross-border truckers from firms like Titan Transline can get vaccinated without worrying about all the hassle in Canada.

The specifics aren’t known; there aren’t specific numbers as to how many Canadians are travelling to the US for vaccinations.

As for the Canadian government, they’re discouraging people from travelling, on top of requiring a 14-day quarantine and testing upon entering the country.

A lot of Canadians are saying, however, that it might still be worth it in spite of all of that.


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