Canadian Drug Rehab Centres Prep For Marijuana Legalization

As Canada is starting to adapt to the recent legalization of marijuana across most of the country, drug rehab centres like Marijuana Rehab are readying themselves for the changes in the country.

While the legalization of marijuana has been seen as a significant step forward, a youth addictions counsellor and expert on Marijuana Rehab believes that cannabis might be used as a gateway drug to harder, more dangerous drugs.

Luc Desjardins, Program Director at Portage Atlantic’s residential rehabilitation centre, says that the recent legalization of cannabis could be bad for people who aren’t aware that they have an addictive personality and are at risk of getting addicted to marijuana or other drugs.

Desjardins says that a lot of youth in Portage Atlantic tells them that they feel a compulsion to smoke a joint every day, before they go to school. He says that these kids feel that they have to smoke a joint or else they won’t be able to sleep at night, emphasizing that these are the telltale signs of an addiction, with little, if any, room to doubt the matter.

At any given time, Desjardins report that between 40 and 45 youngsters are present at the Portage Atlantic rehab centre, located south of Sussex, and all of them have used cannabis at some point in their life. According to Desjardins, this is what led to them moving onto harder drugs later in life, like crystal meth.

He says that he’s familiar with the terrible consequences of cannabis abuse, given that he encounters it on a daily basis. He reports that cannabis is being used by Canadian youths as young as 10 or 12 years old, which leads to grades slipping up, the sale of personal items just to buy drugs, stealing from parents, and crime.

Desjardin says that many towns, Portage Atlantic included, are ready for the legalization of pot, but he warns that the government should expect an increase in the number of people using it, and that more needs to be done to help  organizations deal with the changes that’ll root from the changes to legislation; saying that organizations like his need better funding in order to better provide for the people who needs help.


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