Business Of Death Innovating Ways For Resting In Peace

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and asking around the many funeral service providers in Australia it would indeed seem like it is.

Australia  is dealing with issues related to a lack of burial space in the country, which is predicted to be completely exhausted by 2050, which is also predicted to be the same period in which the death rate in the country will double.

For those looking for funeral urns in Perth, there some issue with cremation, as a considerable number of religions in the country prohibit it, which put pressure on cities. Despite this, cremation is a commonly chosen option, especially in Sydney, with about 65% of its citizens choosing cremation.

The pressure to find ways to deal with the issue has lead funeral service providers to get creative, with methods such as cremation jewellery in Perth or eco-friendly burial methods, now popping up all across the country.

  • Vertical graves.
    • Upright Burials is one of Australia’s more unorthodox natural burial grounds, with the dead being buried feet-first in vertical graves, wrapped in biodegradable shroud and allowed to decompose and fertilize the ground.The managing director of Upright Burials, farmer Tony Dupliex, stated that Upright Burials have become more popular recently, despite some accusations that their service was crude, un-Godly and disrespectful to the dead, which he refutes is not the case, as priests and bishops do officiate their burials when asked for.
  • Memorial trees.
    • Another eco-burial method, BioUrns is an alternative for those looking for funeral urns in the country. The service provides biodegradable urns, wherein the cremated’s ashes are placed and planted into the ground, wherein a tree grows in the place of the urn through the urn, as a memorial to the deceased.  Affordable at $159, available for pets, and plantable in one’s backyard or in a local park with permission from the city council.
  • No burial, no urn.
    • For those that chose cremation but don’t want to leave their body behind to be stored in an urn, they can hire Ashes to Ashes to go out on a bang. Quite literally. The funeral service company offers a service wherein the loved one’s cremated ashes are scattered via a spectacular fireworks display as commemoration.Another alternative is to have ones ashes turned into a more glamorous, sentimental piece, an option that has led to the popularity of cremation jewellery in Perth and other places. Carbon extracted from the ashes of the departed is grown into diamonds, which can then be passed down from generation to generation. Heart In Diamond Australia, for example, can craft diamonds from the ashes of the deceased, with minimum prices sitting at $3200.


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