Budget Friendly Ideas To Decorate A Marquee

Hiring marquees for parties, weddings and corporate events has become a trend. There are different types of marquees like the frame marquee, trapeze marquee, tent marquee and the traditional marquee to suit the requirements of different events. Choose a marquee that suits the theme of the event, the surface it has to be erected and the surroundings of the venue.

The next important step after finalizing a marquee is the decoration. Most of the marquee hire in Sydney providers also supply decoration and furniture for the event. Here are some of the budget friendly decoration ideas that are sure to create an impact on the guests.

  1. Create a combination of table decorations at varying lengths to add an element of interest and create drama.
  2. The ceiling can be decorated with lampshades, rustic hangings, vintage lanterns, pompoms or paper lanterns. Consult a trusted marquee hire in Sydney for smart decoration materials.
  3. If the event is at night, lighting plays an important role in setting up the mood. There are different types of fancy lighting available with marquee hire in Sydney that can be strategically placed to enhance the visual appeal.
  4. To keep the guests engaged, plan a photo booth inside the marquee. Select any theme to suit the taste of the guests. The photo booth can be decorated with interesting items to entertain the guests.
  5. Use the natural surroundings around the marquee to your advantage. Decorate the trees with fairy lights or hang fancy lights from the tree branches, decorate the entrance with some cool decoration ideas to enhance the overall visual appeal of the marquee and set the mood for a memorable celebration.
  6. Use your favourite flowers to decorate the tables or arrange a huge centrepiece with exotic flowers. Flower decorations have a smart visual impact and also fill the air inside the marquee with the sweet floral fragrance.
  7. Play with the seating arrangements inside the marquee. Create a chill out zone with plush leather sofas or give a quirky cafe feel with cool table and chair settings. The furniture for the marquee can be hired from the marquee hire in Sydney, which deals with decorations and furniture.


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