Briscola Pizzeria: An Italian Restaurant In Canberra

In the last few years, more and more higher-end restaurants that offer Italian cuisine are coming to Canberra. It is rare though, to find a longstanding business that has been known to serve local Italian dishes with the authentic pizza dough. These restaurants are usually the one with no frills when it comes to business as long as they serve handmade pasta and Italian dishes with quality ingredients. It cannot be denied that nowadays shop fitouts in Canberra is quite common because the interior of a restaurant creates first impression and it is what usually captures the customers heart.

People find it a good treat if they happen to see an Italian eatery in the centre of the city. The setting is not intimidating as it has the casual feels to it and the ambiance is quite cosy. It was 1998 when the place opened for business as La Posada but it was then renamed into Briscola, a popular card game in Italy. It never changed its location though despite the change. It is still located inside Melbourne building and on the ground floor area.

It is common to see a mixed crowd visiting the restaurant – it can either be single diners, business colleagues, family with kids, groups of friends or couples. It is recommended to start the meal with an antipasto platter which is good between two and four people. The platter is worth $25 and it is served using a wooden board. This is a fresh dish with simple preparation that one will be able to savour all the flavours.

If you are looking for lush pasta with a creamy undertone, you might want to try the potato gnocchi. It is so rich that it is impossible to finish the entire serving in one seating but you can always have it for takeaway so you can enjoy the goodness the following day.

The place will not be an Italian restaurant if it does not serve pizza. They have playful names for their pizza menu and they come in various sizes – small, medium and large.

There are many restaurants in the city that hire shop fitouts in Canberra but for this particular eatery, the fitout is quite casual with its basic carpeting and bare tables and chairs made of wood.


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