Biosecurity Queensland Fails To Eradicate Fire Ant Infestation

It is very likely for homeowners to consider pest control in Brisbane price before they hire the experts to eradicate pests in the home. However, price should not be the major concern but the proper management of pests. Nobody wants those creepy crawlers invading their homes.

The rapid spread of fire ant nests west of Brisbane has raised concerns on the effectiveness of Biosecurity Queensland eradication program. The invasive pest is feared because of its painful and potentially deadly stings. According to reports, fire ants have spread across south-east Queensland to Lockyer Valley and the Gold Coast. Infested areas have been treated with bait that makes the queen infertile.

The property of Jon Carmichael at Willowbank in Ipswich has become a breeding ground for the fire ants with thousands of nests on his property that are very likely to increase. He is concerned about the possible mismanagement of the eradication program. He is worried that in the absence of proper treatment, the fire ants will spread and infest surrounding areas.

Mr. Carmichael has alerted Biosecurity Queensland early this year and the property was treated with one round of aerial baiting. One officer tried to treat one nest by hand but it is a waste of time considering that there lots of nests. What the property requires is 3 consecutive treatments of aerial baiting by helicopter. They haven’t had another one since May.

Last year, the federal and state agriculture ministers have pledged more than $411.4 million over 10 years for an eradication program. However, those who have knowledge on the eradication efforts have raised questions on the technology solutions used and the type of baits. The fact is, nests are being treated but they remain infested. Work being done is not enough to mitigate the risks of the fire ants spreading to other properties.

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