Best Places To Retire

People work eight hours or more a day to feed a family and then retire after exhausting ones physical body. If you are looking for a retirement investment, HomeUnion Investment may assist you in a very important decision. It will be just fair if you retire with a handsome amount of money and with a breath taking property.

After you retire, you are expected to be having less income. However, you now have all the time in the world to do things that you have always wanted to do. You can move to a desired place with good climate and friendly neighbors- a perfect place to retire.

Forbes has compiled for you top communities in the US that you might want to check out when making that retirement investment. The “Best Places to Retire” as dubbed by Forbes include entries from 19 states. Most of the places in the list have climates that are moderately warm, soothing for aged retirees. However, there are also some cold places in the list including the Fargo, N.D. Casper, Wyo., Colorado Springs, and Great Falls, Mont.

Here are the top 7 on the list:

• Abilene, Texas
Abilene’s economy has significantly improved over the year and is ranked as one of the top performing economies. The cost of living is also lower when compared with the national average as well as the home price. The housing price in this part of the country is only $142,000 while the national average is $209,000. Abilene has a warm climate.

• Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville has also a robust economy. It has good weather and great scenic views. The cost of living is 3 percent below the national average. There are also abundant doctors and people are welcoming.

• Athens, Georgia
Athens, Georgia has very low crime rate and has a good tax climate. The average home price is only $139,000.

• Blacksburg, Virginia
This booming college town has a strong economy with an above average in air quality.

• Boise, Idaho
Like those in the list, the city has also a strong economy. The crime rate is low and home price is at an average of $175,000. The city has low humidity; however, it has cold winters.


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