Best Dive Destinations In The World

Diving is starting to be popular as a sport and a hobby that many are touring the world to find the best diving sites. The planet is home to many beautiful bodies of water from the best dive sites in Thailand to the underwater treasures of Bahamas. Below are the best diving spots in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best diving spots in Australian water. There are over 2,000 individual reefs in the area spanning 2,253 kilometres. For liveaboard experience, the Coral Sea located beyond the Great Barrier Reef is a good option with a view of the mountain tops. Australia is also home to the Neptune Islands and Ningaloo Reef which are all exceptional diving spots.

The Bahamas is another hots pot for divers because it has 2,000 islands spanning 470,000 square kilometres. The Andros is the largest of all the islands and it has a number of dive sites worth checking out. The third largest barrier reef in the planet is located just across the Andros and it stretches as far as 225 kilometres. The Bimini is a good place to see the reefs, feed sharks, check out walls and wrecks as well as play with the wild dolphins.

Cayman Islands are composed of three islands located at the top of the mountain range that is situated underwater. The Grand Cayman is the main island and its diving industry is thriving. The remaining two islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, are also worth visiting.

When it comes to the best dive sites in Thailand, there is no question that Similan Islands are on top of the list. It has nine islands that stretch 95 km. The islands are quite famous because of the whale shark sightings by divers. Another dive spot in Thailand is KohLanta which is near the other diving spots worth visiting including Phi Phi Islands, Purple Rock and Red Rock. For those looking to see remnants of a wreck firsthand, there is The Hardeep which is originally called SS Suddhadib. The ship sunk during World War II by the British bombers.


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