Benefits Of HCG Drops

What are HCG drops? HCG, first and foremost, is the abbreviation for human chronic gonadotropin. It’s basically a hormone found in the placenta of a women at the early stages of pregnancy. It is said that HCG is a baby’s life support while inside the womb but do you know that HCG can be used by non-pregnant people for other purposes such as dieting? To begin with, dieting has never been this complex especially with various dietary methods popping out like popcorn every now and then. That’s why important that you know what your body can handle and only your personal doctor can determine if your body is ready to handle these types of methods that have one simple objective: help you reduce weight. You see, a person who is not too fat and not too slim is healthy. Why? It means that the person is taking in the right amount of calorie plus the right amount exercise in a week.

As mentioned above, HCG drops are now used by more and more people for dieting purposes. In fact, previous users of these drops are claiming that they’ve seen massive weight loss since they began taking the drops, whether it’s in the form of injection or oral drops. However, the weight loss can never be contributed to the presence of HCG in your digestive system. Whatever weight loss you are experiencing is caused mainly by the low intake of calorie which is caused by the resetting of your metabolism upon the arrival of the HCG into the picture. Now, many have already talked about the dangers, the risks upon allowing this kind of dietary method to take their place in our body. You see, there is always a positive side in taking such drops despite risks such as excessive fatigue that can be contributed to low calorie level in your body and, developing gallstones. Weight loss is the number one benefit of taking in HCG drops as part of your diet. At the early stages of taking the drops, your metabolism will reset and your calorie intake will go down significantly, causing your weight to go down, too.

You just need to be careful not to allow your body not take in enough calories because you still need calories in your body. HCG is apparently good for weight reduction purposes but don’t overdo it.


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