Being Female Is Not An Obstacle To Latin Female Directors

If you like girls who resemble models, you must meet latin women in Argentina. Many of them are obsessed with fashion not because they want to flaunt their wealth. They simply do not want to be out of place when they walk the streets of Buenos Aires. They are attractive, slim and well dressed. In Buenos Aires, you will find Argentine women who have high English levels of fluency.

What are the challenges faced by a female director from Latin America? According to Lucrecia Martel, being a Latin American woman is not a great obstacle to her career as director. Argentina is challenged by economic instability but it continues to produce cinema. Being a woman is not an impediment because there are many female directors in the country.

Ms. Martel makes sure that she watches her manners at all times because she is working with a multi-lingual and multi-cultural cast with different levels of experiences. The key to success in the directorial career is to surround herself with a dedicated crew composed of committed, daring and creative team players. People involved in cinema must love what they do up to a point where it overshadows everything.

According to Ana Cristina Barragan from Ecuador, directing a film was a huge challenge because she has no acting experience. However, she was the queen of the set so that she had fun and enjoyed all of it. Quito, Ecuador was a special place for Ms. Barragan because its freedom and silence made her listen to her own instincts. Being a film director, she feels it is a great challenge being a woman and have big dreams. There are few artistic stimuli, scant film history and few funds in Ecuador but there are lots of young talents that can be developed.

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