Bangkok Wins Most Popular City For Two Consecutive Years

Many tourists are flocking to Bangkok because of the attractions and the affordable accommodations. Property buyers who are planning to purchase single house in Sathorn are also having a field day because of the prime properties available that comes with luxurious facilities and services. Because of this, it is not surprising that Bangkok was able to bring home the most popular city for the second year in a row. When it comes to international tourists, Bangkok is the number one tourism destination in the world.

Based on the annual list of Mastercard on the most travelled cities in the world, the capital of the Kingdom was expected to have around 20.2 million arrivals from international destinations in 2017. The report 2017 Global Destination Cities Index was published on the same day as the World Tourism Day celebration. It analyses the volume of visitors as well as their spending on the top 132 biggest cities in the globe.

Second place following Bangkok is the city of London which is the second placer for 2016 too. Third place was bagged by Paris, fourth is Dubai, fifth Singapore and followed by New York.

According to Masertercard’s president of the enterprise partnerships, Carlos Menendez, it is important for cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, and London to have a booming tourism because it directly impacts the growth of their economy. Tourists arriving in these cities are spending money for accommodations, shopping, food and visiting attractions. As more tourists arrive, these cities are also flourishing and growing into more modern metropolis.

Menendez also added that Singapore was able to take New York’s fifth spot last year on the top cities list. For 2016, the small country was accepted around 13.11 million visitors from all over the world. Due to the growing number of tourists, Singapore is taking additional measures to make their experience in the country seamless. They are currently developing a system that will operate cashless transit and expected it to be operational by 2020.

Many of the businesses within these cities are benefiting from the increase in tourism including Bangkok which received more investors for single house in Sathorn because foreign investors have taken an interest in the country after their visit. Dubai, on the other hand, was able to earn $28.5 billion from visitor spending alone.


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