Autocar Conducts Winter Tyre Tests

Attitudes are starting to change in the United Kingdom, and the demand for the winter tyres is slowly starting to pick up.

To see if the trend is a valuable one, Autocar fitted a few of the cold weather tyres on some unlikely winter cars. They checked if these winter tyres are worth the cost, what their difference is with summer tyres, if they should be mandatory in the United Kingdom, which ones are the best and where to find the best deals.

The Autocar test

They tested using the BMW 1M while making use of Michelin Alpin winter tyres. The car felt different to drive immediately. It was more comfortable on a straight road. It was easier to steer, less uneasy on bad surfaced roads and offered more grip in wet surfaces.

There were qualities which were less desirable on the car with winter tyres. The speedometer was reading 80 miles per hour when at 70 miles per hour which indicated the fuel range indicator was also off. The traction control also went neurotic killing the power with a little whiff of the car’s throttle even on dry roads. When it snowed a little, the winter tyres were a revelation. The 1M was able to do anywhere since it was able to stop, steer and also accelerate. Having them tried other winter tyres on hardcore machines like the Porsche 911 and BMW i8, it became clear how winter tyres are getting better year after year.

Are winter tyres right for Britain?

It will be more efficient especially when the weather gets crazy in Britain. People can get around in their cars, buses, vans and lorries like nothing is happening. When these winter tyres are used, it will make a huge difference the next time there are forecasts warning of a “cold snap.” This is according to Autocar.

Answers to some winter tyres FAQs

Their costs depend on make, size and style. It is best to check online for deals or services of Car Tyres in Gold Coast for readers in the East.

To sum up, winter tyres are worth it based from Autocar’s findings.



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