The Importance Of Final-Mile Delivery

The trade relationship between the US and Canada has helped both countries achieve stronger economies, support economic growth, eliminate barriers, and compete globally. The numerous trade and investment agreements between the two North American countries have also directly impacted the logistics sector. However, in spite of the commonalities that exist between the US and CanadaRead More

Customer Reviews As The Single Most Trustworthy Source Of Information

According to HubSpot research, consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over any type of online marketing and advertising strategy. In the absence of personal recommendations, consumers consider customer reviews as the single more trustworthy and credible source of valuable information. This means that businesses must accumulate as many positive reviews as possible to haveRead More

The Differences Between Dangerous Driving, Criminal Negligence And Careless Driving

Aside from impaired driving or DUI, there are other offenses that a person can be charged with like dangerous driving, criminal negligence, and careless driving. Dangerous driving means driving in a way that endangers other people. A person can be charged with dangerous driving, criminal negligence, or reckless driving after an accident. The only requirementRead More

How Do Reviews Differ From Testimonials

It is rather common for reviews and testimonials to be used interchangeably but there are important differences between them that businesses must know so that they can be used effectively. However, their benefits are similar in the sense that they can influence the purchasing decision of a consumer. Reviews are generally shorter than testimonials. ItRead More

IMAA Reveals New Media Partners

The Independent Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA), the non-profit Aussie organization aimed at providing support to independent media agencies, recently announced its newest media partners. The IMAA’s new partners are as follows: LinkedIn; the social media network aimed at professionals and built to connect employers and employees and support the global workforce. Amobee; an independentRead More