Australia Will Soon Have Divorce Hotels

Divorce is getting more common with couples ever since it has been legalize in many countries. The statistics are rising based on divorce solicitors in Melbourne and it was further cemented by the introduction of divorce hotels in Australia. The process of divorce is not as easy as one might think. This is why Divorce Hotel was founded. It is basically a hotel where the couple applying for divorce can stay in. They get separate rooms where they can stay for two nights. During that time, mediation processes will occur. This gives the couple the chance to discuss things behind closed doors without any external forces and responsibilities bothering them.

The main goal of a divorce hotel is to settle the divorce arrangement within 48 hours as they couple stay inside their rooms. This is the packaged booked by couple, Paul and Jan, whom both decided they are better off going their separate ways. Jan admitted that she is looking forward to staying in the hotel for two nights because she will not think about the kids, cooking, shopping and other distractions.

The greatest appeal stems from the fact that the divorce will happen on neutral ground. The couple has already agreed on the major details of the divorce but they are yet to discuss the nitty gritty parts which can be exhausting. Paul and Jan were happy about their decision to stay at the hotel because upon checkout everything was already settled.

Jan added that it might not work for every couple especially those who are not in amicable terms when the divorce was brought up. The man behind the concept of Divorce Hotel is Jim Halfens, current CEO. The idea came to him after witnessing how the process can be very messy. It started seven years ago and the first divorce hotel was launched in the Netherlands. They are now available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Divorce Hotel is planning to have another expansion in Australia but warns that not all couple might be suitable for this arrangement. In case the divorce is not agreeable to both parties, looking for divorce solicitors in Melbourne might be another option worth considering.


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