Are Photographers Considered Artists Or Craftsmen?

There many different types of artists such s those who paint, create sculptures or make personalised word art. The question is where do photographers belong? Are they artists? Up until this day, this topic has been a great source of debate and many believed that they are considered as artists. But there are those who also believe that they play a more vital role not just as artists but craftsmen as well.

It is common these days to use terms in various ways because their original meaning has been stripped of them due to constant usage. The same goes with art and consequently the word artists. It now covers everyone who is able to create any form of art. Many are justifying that art is a subjective matter.

When this justification is used, conversations are stopped. Thus when one say art is subjective, it could be interpreted as taste as being subjective. This is a better alternative because it makes things a bit clearer. For instance, not everyone will be able to appreciate the works done by Picasso but no one will tell you that what he did was not art.

Craftsman, on the other hand, is described by the dictionary is a worker who is practicing a certain trade or handicraft. It is also individuals who create or execute a performance by displaying their skills in terms of manual arts.

Artists, according to the dictionary, is one who possesses an imaginative art, skillful in fine arts, skilled performer as well as an individual who is adept in doing something.

This is the reason why many photographers consider themselves as artists. Recently though, Sarah Oliphant who is known for creating custom backgrounds has quipped that she considers herself as a master craftsman. This is because she is creating something entirely focused on the project and not her ego alone. She is therefore creating something which will be used in an artistic way. The same goes with making a personalised word art. Craftsmanship is required more than artistry but they go hand in hand. Thus it can be said that photographers are not just artists but more than that, they are master craftsperson.


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