Anushka-Virat Wedding Became An Inspiration For Future Indian Weddings

For the last few years, destination weddings have been quiet popular among wedding couples all over the world including India. The fire is further fuelled by the recent union of Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli which was held in a vineyard in Italy. Destination weddings are a hit for couples who are willing to spend more in order to tie the knot in an exotic location. Another Bollywood wedding to look forward to this year is between Soman Kapoor and Anand Ahuja which is rumoured to be held in Geneva. If you are tying the knot the soon and thinking of a destination wedding, here are some recommendations from weddings in Rayong to exotic places in South Africa.

First in line is the city of angels more popularly known as Los Angeles. There are many venues to choose from such as historic buildings or warehouses turned into event venues. On top of the list is the SaddlerockRanch which is a private estate spanning a thousand acre. There are orchards, vineyards, pastureland and custom waterfall within the ranch. If you want an exclusive wedding venue, you can also try the Natural History of Museum.

Thinking about South Africa? There is a wide variety of options at your fingertips as well including a beach-front wedding, Garden Route’s vineyards and a hot air balloon wedding. If you wanted a wanted closer to nature, you can choose from Kruger National Park where you will be surrounded with wildlife or the numerous reserves located all over the country.

Hong Kong is another wedding destination to dream of because of its gorgeous skyline. This is intended for couples hoping to tie the knot in a city as big as Hong Kong with bright colours everywhere. You can go with the flow and book an event with The Peak or you can also plan a beach wedding in the shores of Hong Kong.

Another destination wedding in Southeast Asia is Thailand. There are many places to choose from in this Kingdom. Your options range from a Bangkok-city wedding, weddings in Rayong, in beaches of Pattaya or a resort in Koh Samui. There is no shortage of option to choose from and only your budget is your limitation.


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