Amenities Of Novotel In Bangkok

Bangkok is a famous tourist destination among travellers because of its rich natural resources, fantastic beaches, amazing sceneries, vibrant nightlife, latest technology, modern shopping malls, and many other attractions.

When you plan a travel to Bangkok, it is important to make a good choice of hotel to stay. One of the popular hotels is Novotel in Bangkok which is full of exciting things that await the client. Staying in a luxurious hotel makes a difference in your experience. You will be able to feel the amazing and spectacular ambiance as well as the interesting amenities in the hotel.

Here are some of the amenities of Novotel in Bangkok for your appreciation:

  • Fitness Centre – you can avail of this facility to make you fit and continue your fitness activities while you are away from home.
  • Business Centre – enables you to do your business transactions while away from your office. It has modern facilities that keep you updated with your business and professional work.
  • Shoppes – a wide selection of famous shops where you can buy signature clothes and items.
  • Spa – experience a great relaxation after a hectic tour schedule which will restore your vigour and strength using modern facilities and methods of relaxation.
  • Bars and restaurants – fantastic bars and restaurants are available with the finest cuisines and live music to add to your enjoyment.
  • Swimming pool – huge pools for adults are regularly maintained for proper hygiene. There are also pools for children where parents can rest assured of the safety of their children.
  • Function rooms – available for business meetings and events complete with modern facilities.
  • Entertainment centre – complete with modern gaming facilities for customers to enjoy.
  • Spacious rooms – different room categories offer comfort and convenience to clients.
  • Room service – can be requested for any concern of the guests.
  • Laundry – for the convenience of the guests who need laundry services.
  • Medical service – is manned by competent medical staff to serve the medical needs of the guests.
  • Security service – one of the important features of a hotel to safeguard the well-being of the guests.

There are still other amenities that can be included in the list which a hotel must be sensitive enough to anticipate to be able to cater to the needs of its clients. This will make the establishment gain more customers, thereby increasing its occupancy rate for better revenue.


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