Alaska Continues To Drill For Oil to Cope Up With Climate Change

The state of Alaska is suffering the adverse effects of climate change as the seas in the state rise forcing the relocation of several remote villages. They had to pay for the prices of what human beings did to Mother Earth. The governor of the state of Alaska said that coping with these changes is quite expensive. Because of the monetary value that goes with relocation measures, the governor said that they had no other option but to expand the search for oil in order to pay for the damages done.

Recently, he just proclaimed that he wants to urgently drill the protected lands in the Arctic National Wilderness Refuge in order to fund them. In the last two years, the state of Alaska has been severely hit by the significant drop in the prices of oil. The state is now in a significant fiscal challenge. There are reportedly some villages that have been washed away because of climate change, Governor Bill Walker stressed out.

Alaska is the only state in the US that does not have a sales or income tax. The government’s expenditure comes from the levies on the production of gas and oil. However, the dramatic fall in the prices of crude oil in the last year has been deteriorating the financial health of the state. The recent decision of the management of Shell to pull out their ongoing drilling in the Chuckchi sea in the state’s north coast has ballooned the problem. If Shell would have found oil, it would have been a major boost for the Trans Alaskan Pipeline which transports oil coming from the northern production fields towards the tanker terminal in Valdez which is 1,300 km to the south.

While the income of Alaska coming from oil continues to depreciate, its expenditure on climate related undertakings is bound to increase. Coastal erosion has threatened a number of communities.

Climate change has to be addressed in order to have a concrete solution to its damaging effect like what it has done to Alaska. Trees should be preserved and one way of doing this is by using recycled paper products like Paper Mart gift boxes. This way the next generation can still enjoy the beauty of nature.


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