Affordable Pest Control In Brisbane Price

Household pests are a nuisance to every homeowner. They are not only annoying but can also cause damage to the structures of your homes. You want to eradicate them as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your property. When there is an onslaught of pests in your residence, it is important to get the services of a reputable pest control company that has the training and expertise to handle the job efficiently.

Pest controls can cost you money and it is wise to make a canvass of different pest control in Brisbane Price to get the best package of the services you want to be done. Pest control costs range from AUD300 to AUD700. The price also depends on the kind of service that is accomplished. Here is the list of pest control in Brisbane Price for your reference. These are ballpark prices that a pest control company can offer to its clients:

  • 3-bedroom house – AUD130
  • 4-bedroom house – AUD170
  • Rodent removal – AUD250 – AUD300
  • Possum removal – AUD225
  • Pest inspection – AUD250
  • Building and pest inspection – AUD300 – AUD700
  • Indoor tick/flee treatment – AUD150- AUD275
  • Termite control – AUD180 – AUD225

The following are the 10 most common household pests that can destroy your property:

  1. Ants – they infest food likely in the kitchen
  2. Bed bugs – they feed on people’s blood that produce bites and cause allergic reactions
  3. Bees – they are extremely dangerous when swarming to find a location where they could nest
  4. Birds – they often make their nests in gutters and roofs which can destroy them
  5. Cockroaches – they quickly infiltrate the whole property when there is plenty of food
  6. Rodents – they cause damage to house structures
  7. Possums – cause damage to roofs and ceilings
  8. Snakes – are present also in urban areas with bushlands
  9. Spiders – most of them are harmless, however, the funnel web and red back spiders are poisonous and must be eradicated
  10. Termites – they cause significant damage to timber materials of your home.

The benefits you can get from hiring a pest control company are worth the amount you spend on the job. It is wise to use a pest control provider than doing it yourself which may cause more harm than good.


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