Advantages Of Using White Glove Logistics

White glove logistics enable the companies to meet the customer expectations regarding delivery. The logistics companies dealing with white glove services provide advanced services to the companies in terms of shipping and delivery.

A variety of high-value products like valuable jewellery, household appliances and electronics, furniture items, high-end medical equipment, computer hardware and other fragile products require to be handled with care throughout the different stages of handling, storage, transportation and delivery.  The services of White glove solutions are the best bet for companies dealing in such high-value items.

White glove logistics help the companies to reach up to the customers’ expectations regarding delivery of products. The logistics firm providing white glove solutions design customer specific solutions to satisfy the demands of the customers. Their service does not end with the delivery of the product but also includes after delivery services like explaining the product features and looking after the installation process.

White glove logistics offers the added advantage of tracking consignments, wherever they are. The customers can know about the whereabouts of their products using the tracking software. The automation and superior use of technology allows logistics companies to provide white glove solutions that match with the customer expectations.

White glove logistics helps the companies to reduce their costs of product returns. Since the return logistics are also provided by white glove logistics, companies can keep track of the defective products easily. Use of latest technology by white glove logistics firms helps the companies to easily track the defective pieces, saving them time and money.

Companies can benefit from reduced liability offered by white glove logistics. Since the liability of damages shifts to the logistics provider, companies can benefit from low insurance premiums. The companies should define liability and damage guarantees beforehand so that both the parties are aware of the terms of service. This will help companies and logistics providers to solve any problems amicably.

There are a number of advantages offered by white glove solutions for companies dealing with high-value products and fragile equipment. The end-to-end services provided by these logistics firms help the companies to be sure about the safety of the product and be confident about meeting the customer expectations regarding the delivery of the product.


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