Advantages Of Using Prewound Bobbin

Prewound bobbins have a self-supporting structure and are made without using any core to wind the thread. The demand of prewound bobbins is slowly raising owing to their efficiency. Preowned bobbins provide many advantages like increased productivity, improved efficiency, high consistency and good quality stitching.

The main advantage of using a GEM prewoundbobbin, is that it has more thread than that of a self- wound bobbin. A prewound bobbin has approximately thirty to fifty percent more thread when compared to a self-wound bobbin. The extra thread helps to increase the productivity as there are few bobbin changes while sewing.

The GEM prewound bobbin helps to produce consistent results. Since the bobbin is wound in the factory, the amount on thread on the bobbin is consistent. You can easily anticipate the length of the bobbin and the bobbin change intervals.

The prewound bobbins helps to create better quality stiches as the winding is more consistent than the self-wound bobbins. The prewound bobbins possess good thread tension which contributes to high quality stiches.

The GEM prewound bobbin have soft sides which reduce the risk of thread breaking due to rough metal bobbin edges. The prewound bobbins also increase the life of bobbin cases as they are hairless and soft. The use of prewound bobbins also helps to eliminate the cost of buying metallic bobbins to wind the thread.

The prewound bobbins helps to reduce the cost of labour for winding the bobbins. They also help to reduce the costs by eliminating the necessity of installing winding machines that are required for self-winding of thread. They also reduce the power bills that are incurred for running the winding machines.

Another advantage of prewound bobbins is that they enhance the life of the embroidery needles. Since the GEM prewound bobbin do not contain any metal bobbins at the centre, the embroidery needles are not damaged by constant contact with the metal.

The most important reason why more and more companies prefer to use GEM prewound bobbin is that they are easy to use. They help them to protect their machines and expensive embroidery needles. They also help to reduce costs by eliminating the necessity of winding machines and labour for winding thread.


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