Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar On The Gold Cost

The advances in technology have made so many unimaginable things to take place that affect the lives of people. The technology on solar energy has benefited many households and establishments although it has also some downsides.

Solar energy comes from the radiation of the sun which is a strong source of energy that can be channelled by the installation of solar panels. Amazingly, an hour of energy that the sun provides to our earth can already meet the world’s energy needs in a year. Although many criticized it for being expensive and inefficient, solar on the Gold Coast actually has benefited the environment as well as it is proven to be cost-efficient.

Here is a list of the solar on the Gold Coast advantages and disadvantages:


  1. The energy source is renewable – the most crucial thing about solar energy is its renewable energy source. You can harness it in all areas worldwide every day. Solar energy cannot be exhausted for as long as we have the sun.
  2. Cost-efficient – solar energy reduces your electricity bills as you can get energy from the solar system. The amount of savings you can get depends on your heat usage and the extent of your solar system.
  3. Diverse applications – you can use solar energy for varied purposes. It can generate electricity in places with no access to energy network, give power to satellites, and purify water in places where clean water is limited. You can also integrate solar energy into building materials.
  4. Low cost of maintenance – the system does not require much maintenance. Cleaning it twice a – year is enough.
  5. Technology development – there is constant improvement and advancement in technology in the solar power business that can give a potential increase in its effectiveness.


  1. Initial Cost – the price of the system initially is fairly high. It includes the costs of solar panels, batteries, inverter, wiring, and installation fee.
  2. Dependence on the weather – solar panels depend on the sunlight to collect solar energy effectively. Although you can still collect solar energy during rainy and cloudy days, its efficiency drops.
  3. Expensive storage – solar energy can be kept in huge batteries to be used during the night, however, it is quite expensive.
  4. Large space requirement – if you want to produce more electricity, you will need more solar panels to store sunlight.
  5. Associated with pollution – solar energy is associated with pollution because its installation and transportation emit greenhouse gases. There are also some hazardous products and toxic materials in the manufacturing process.

These pros and cons of using solar energy can help you in your decision whether to use solar energy or not. Always remember to think proactively as technology is advancing fast that would counter the disadvantages in the future.


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