Acknowledging The Zero Waste Initiative Of Waiheke Island

Waste is currently the biggest problem of the world. Every country is doing their best to help reduce wastes and at the same time minimize its impact on the environment. In Australia for example, skip bin hire in Northern Beaches is quite popular because everyone is aware of that they need proper waste disposal equipment. In the island of Waiheke, there are a number of organizations that were recently given recognition because of the initiative they have developed in answering the problem with waste both from residential and commercial sources.

These organizations are responsible for various innovative waste management solutions such as recycling of waste from construction sites, minimizing the use of soft plastic products and tackling composting measures. They have been recipients of the Waste Minimization and Innovation Fund which is under the Auckland Council.

Cath Handley, the chairman of the Waiheke Local Board, said that they have seen how much the grants have helped the organizations and they are happy because of the results they have shown. She added that the Waiheke community is grateful because they are confident with the future of the island in terms of management knowing that there are a lot of environmental conscious individuals. The board is looking forward to further projects the groups have in mind.

Jeremy O’Hanlon, the owner of The Rubbish Company, said that they are currently aiming to divert around 10 tons of waste from the construction which are supposed to go to the landfill. If it weren’t for the grant given to them in the amount of $50,000, they would not be able to accomplish such project.

He explained that a big part of the waste problem of the island is contributed by waste from construction projects therefore the companies should be held liable. Starting this March, resident can request for a recyclable skip from the Rubbish Company to be used in disposing construction waste. This method will help them sort materials that can be reused while the ones that need to be recycles will be sent off. The same initiative is undertaken in Australia since skip bin hire in Northern Beaches are getting more demand every day.


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