A School Without Text books, Furniture, Water And Electricity

In developed countries like the United States, schools do not have to worry about their furniture because these things are within their fingertips. Students enjoy the best types of school furniture, computers, books and textbooks. On the other hand, a school in Sierra Leone has no furniture, no textbooks, no electricity and no running water.

Dr. Sam Kargbo knows the importance of education. 50 years ago, he was a student at the Kabala Secondary School in Sierra Leone. This was the start of his lifelong career in education. Without the Kabela Secondary School, he would not earn a Ph. D. in education. It served as the foundation of Kargbo’s educational career.

Over the last 20 years, the secondary school faced several challenges from a library that is considered defunct to the lack of textbooks and furniture. The worst problem that the school has to face is the absence of electricity and running water. A few years ago, Kargbo and other alumni managed to put in water well for the whole town. The library was furnished with books and electricity became available through a generator.

Recently, Kargbo approached Berks County schools to ask for old textbooks, computers and educational materials that they can donate to Kabala Secondary School. Most of the educational materials being used by the high school are already outdated and any help from Berks County School will be a great help to the high school students.

The response was certainly overwhelming with 255 boxes of books from the area school districts and 12 desktop computers from Conrad Weiser School District. The initiative of the district school was gratifying and provides a healthy dose of perspective. Ann Schmidt, the library media specialist of Conrad Weiser hopes that other companies and organizations will contribute in the fundraising so that the students will get more materials and educational opportunities.

An optimal learning environment can be created through furniture school that is comfortable for students. Classrooms can now be refurbished with furniture that has improved design to inspire students to study and learn. Aside from design, the durability, quality and type of materials are considered to ensure longevity and sustainability.


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