A Glimpse Of Manhattan In The 1920’s

In 1920, a colorful map of Manhattan was made that included some of the major landmarks of the past with the rows of tenements and other not so noteworthy buildings. It was expertly detailed that you see everything from Williamsburg Bridge to Central Park with other ghosts from New York’s past like Wanamaker Department Store on the 4th and 9th, the Gas House District and old Madison Square Garden. The map was also beautifully illustrated that it looks like one of the maps you will find in the brochures of Disney World.

The Map Illustrator was Charles Vernon Fallow and his masterpiece was called one of the best pictorial maps of the 1920’s in the United States. The map is also sometimes referred to as “A Map of the Wondrous Isle of Manhattan”. This 1926 map is a typical example of pictorial maps that gained popularity from 1920 to 1950. The maps would often be used as endpapers or illustrations in books not to mention that they are also popular on the freebies being given out by banks and commercial institutions. Very often the maps are accompanying materials to traditional cartographic presentations of cities and towns.

The main purpose of map illustrators and cartographers is to create a map according to their inspired visualization of the city’s tourist attraction, famous buildings, cultural institutions and other popular tourist destination. The map is not necessarily made for navigational purposes although it is very easy to identify some of the landmarks. Most of the pictorial maps of the period are full of what people now consider as humorous but they are basically caricatures of what life was in America during those times. It captured many exciting scenes that were present in the big city of Manhattan from the zooming automobiles to the well-heeled swells in the cartouche.

A Map Illustrator usually has a passion for details with a flair for creativity. Illustrated maps can be created according to your requirements whether it is for a business center, school campus, town or area. A moment in time can be captured with all the essential details to gain the interest and attention of a viewer.


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