A Breakthrough In Glass Balconies And Balustrades

Innovations to balustrades and balconies are very rare that is why when there is a breakthrough, everyone is excited. In the past, consumers have to compromise style and design for privacy and safety. Glass balustrades improve the aesthetics of buildings, but it has to be given up when extra height or privacy screen is installed.

Very often a consumer has very high expectations but it often turns to disappointment when extra posts and a network of railings is constructed for safety purposes. However, that is history because design engineers invested their efforts to create a pass through glass balustrade that effortlessly complements with the glass balustrade’s design.

When frameless glass is installed above the handrail height, privacy and safety are provided without compromising the aesthetics of the structure. At last, there is a solution for projects that require high impact aesthetics. Engineers can do away with chunky posts or rails that interrupt the smooth flow of a building or obscure a beautiful view in landscape.

The unique pass through the system of the glass balustrade is quite simple. Instead of a network of angled rails and posts, a 10mm thick, toughened and sanitized glass cuts straight through aerofoil handrail and is secured by a clamp at the base. It eliminates the need for railing and posts above handrail height to secure the top of the screen. The method used is stable even when fewer posts are being used. The building retains its dashing look without the conventional tall glass screen.

A screen must blend seamlessly with a conventional glass balustrade. It should complement the surroundings. Everything above the handrail is frameless whether you choose privacy glass or clear glass. The advantage of the system is not limited to good looks since the use of fewer posts make maintenance easier and more efficient. When self-cleaning coating is placed on glass, cleaning will be a lot simpler.

Economy Glass inspires design solutions through what is possible with frameless. Glass products can be manufactured as a solution for a consumer’s requirements for safety, privacy and aesthetics. Glass can be made-to-measure for balustrades, shower enclosures and pool fencing.



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