91% Of Consumers Believe In OnlineReviews

When the marketing budget is limited, it is important to focus the spend on a strategy that produces the right results. One of the strategies is customer feedback like king kong marketing agency review from clients who have had a good personal experience with the brand.

According to a consumer survey conducted by BrightLocal, 91% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 are believers of online reviews. The results of the survey are something that pest control professionals have seriously considered in strategizing their present and future marketing campaigns.

Kyle Varona, general manager of Fahey Pest and Lawn Solutions in Sarasota, Florida shared that their company is focused on online presence through customer reviews. They appreciate what reviews have done for the company and the team members, as well.

Fahey’s journey with customer reviews dates back to 1943 when the company was launched. A good recommendation from a neighbour to another was the way it was done then. Fahey has consistently taken pride in its ability to solicit feedback from customers whether it was through letters, phone calls, or a positive ranking with Better Business Bureau.

Fahey knew that consumers have become more engaged in online researching and reviewing so that it started to solicit reviews from Angie’s List. They became the second most reviewed company in the area through email blasts.

Another proven way to gain a positive king kong marketing agency review from a client is to provide a great experience that is beyond expectations. After an amazing experience, the client will be more than willing to leave positive feedback without the need for persuasion.


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