90-Day Stay For Patients Approved- Will Benefit Value Hotel In Sukhumvit

As an old saying goes by, health is wealth. And in today’s kind of lifestyle that most of us are employing, health is almost not a priority to some. You see, staying healthy during these hectic times is extremely difficult not to mention, equally expensive. Most of us are almost glued to our day jobs to the mere point that we’re already neglecting our body which is also needs a break from time to time. You see, giving our usually tired body a well-deserved break from everything that is stressing it, will allow worn and torn tissues and nerves inside our body to regenerate and also heal along the way. Now, when you want to take a vacation because you’re tired from your work in the big city, there are many places which can offer you a relaxing vacation without the need to burn a big, ugly hole in your savings account. One of those cities which you can visit is the city of Bangkok where you can choose to stay at a value hotel in Sukhumvit which is just a few steps away from some of the best shopping malls in the whole of Thailand.

To furthermore strengthen the medical tourism not just in Bangkok, but in Thailand in general, the Thai government has already approved the extension of number of allowed days of stay in Thailand for patients who are in Thailand for the purpose of seeking medical treatments. From the original number of 30 days, citizens from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam will now be given visa which now lasts up to 90 days. This move is another part of the government’s plan which is to transform Thailand into a globally-recognized medical hub. The said extension will also be given to 4 people who will be accompanying an individual patient who will be staying at value hotel in Sukhumvit for example while waiting for his appointment. The same extension has been previously given to patients from the countries who are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC. In addition to this, long term stay visas for citizens of 14 countries have been extended to 10 years.


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