A Busy June For A Software Company In International Courier In Australia

Let’s face it: everyone loves to receive packages from their friends and relatives who are residing and/or working abroad. But you also have to keep in mind that packing and sending any kind of parcels from one country to the other is not as simple as wrapping an item with some nice gift wrapper and give it to whoever you wanted it to receive. You see, sending a single package requires many considerations like whether or not you should send it via the city’s local post office or, you will send it via someone who is also traveling to the package’s destination. While both of the mentioned methods are relatively doable, both are also filled with hassles, not to mention the burden that you will be passing over to the one who will be carrying the package on your behalf. And don’t forget about the waiting time that will be enduring at the post office and the hefty fees that you will be paying depending on the kind and size of the package that you will be sending. Fortunately, you can now send packages of all sort through a company that is an international courier in Australia and in other parts of the world.

During the month of June, 2017, Yojee, a software company whose software is useful in international courier in Australia, has recently experienced one of the busiest months in its history. Aside from signing two substantial agreements, the company which is based in Sydney in Down Under Australia, has already appointed Ray Lee as its new chairman after Mathew Walker reportedly chose to step away from the company to pursue other opportunities. In addition to this, Yojee’s express, same day and next day delivery services have bene adopted by the fabric supplier, Spotlight after conducting a series of trials that was held in Singapore. Yojee’s reliability and cost effectiveness are two of the major factors that landed them the agreement with Spotlight and one of the major sporting goods distributors in Australia, One Sports PUMA which has already agreed to use Yojee’s software alongside with their very own OS PUMA freight that will run through Yojee’s on-demand national delivery network.


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