5,000 Millionaires Moved To UAE In 2016: Advantageous For An UAE Moving Company

Imagine the life of a millionaire. You get to live the life of someone like Tony Stark in the Marvel Comics. You get to drive some of the coolest cars of all time such as the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, and the Rolls Royces among others. You get to live in some of the luxurious properties in the world and even hire your own chaperone as if you are Bruce Wayne. Basically, if you’re a millionaire, it only means that you can live your life according to your desires. As of 2015, there are 14.6 million individual millionaires scattered all across the globe. In fact, that number is expected to go up to 53 million millionaires come the year 2019. And speaking of millionaires, 5,000 from those 14.6 million millionaires decided to move to the Middle East, specifically to the United Arab Emirates or UAE in 2016. It was considerably a busy year for a typical UAE moving company in the region, which supervises professional moving services that are needed by clients when moving from place to another.

To begin with, UAE has always been one of the targeted destinations of millionaires and even billionaires who want to spend the rest of their lives as wealthy individuals. In fact, that number of 5,000 millionaires who decided to call UAE as their new home, is an increase as compared to the 2015 figure which only recorded only 3,000 millionaires who moved to UAE. The UAE has been beating out fellow Gulf Cooperation Council member Qatar in terms of being home to new millionaire in the region. During the course of 2016, Qatar recorded 2,000 new millionaires who moved there. One of the reasons why UAE has always been a strong choice for a new home among millionaires is they have one of the lowest tax rates in the world right now. Aside from the incredibly low tax rates, safety has always been a priority by the UAE government which allows industries to grow- which includes a licensed UAE moving company which largely benefited from the arrival of new millionaires in the region.


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