4 Major Differences Of Boutique Hotel In Sukhumvit

Although there is no absolute definition of a boutique hotel, you can tell that you are looking at one by checking its features. There are specific features that set a boutique hotel in Sukhumvit apart from the other types of hotels in the industry. Here are some of the distinctive features of boutique hotels.

Hotel size

One major feature of a boutique hotel is it has limited number of rooms. It is no longer a boutique hotel if its room number exceeds to 100. Its floor area for the rooms is smaller than standard hotel rooms including the areas of its restaurants and in-house bars and cafes. The size of the hotel areas gives off that intimate and cosy feeling that encourages relaxed and amiable feeling among its guests.

Impressive design

One arresting feature of a boutique hotel in Sukhumvitis its interior design and decoration. Boutique hotels are usually designed with a mixture of contemporary artistry and traditional elegance.   Every guestroom is designed differently giving its guests a unique experience regardless of the number of times he books at the hotel.

Modern and youthful vibe

Boutique hotels are preferred by young travellers and solo backpackers because of the feel-good vibe it exudes. Its vibrant colours and contemporary paintings are a major come on for young couples travelling and by those who want to feel young and free while on holiday. Boutique hotels come in funky design that will never fail to lighten your day. They are also unique since they are not part of hotel chains so you will not find another similar hotel when you visit a different area.

Personalized hospitality service

One great feature of a boutique hotel in Sukhumvit is it is owned by a family or closely knit business individuals. Thus, services are on a personal level where you may be greeted by its staff by your first name and its staff such as the chef, manager or office personnel can be the owner or some of his relatives. The staff of boutique hotels is also friendlier than its commercial counterparts.


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