3 Hotels In Inverness That Provide The Best Packages At Affordable Costs

As a city on the North-East coast of Scotland, Inverness has held on as the capital of the Scottish Highlands. It houses many amazing tourist attractions such as the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, the Inverness castle, and the Old High Church of Inverness. But another more important reason for its historical importance is its location with respect to the Loch Ness and Moray Firth. It is located centrally between these two water bodies and provides easy access to both. The residing place of the infamous Loch Ness monster is only a few minutes away by car, and it can take a solid few hours to traverse around the entire Loch. Due to Inverness’ popularity among tourists, the tourism industry has always had a booming time, and hence a lot of hotels have sprung around the area. Here we review the best hotels in Inverness that have captured the hearts of guests from all over the world.

  • Rocpool Reserve Hotel: The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is perfectly exemplified by this hotel as it may look like a small hotel on the outside, but inside, it has some of the most chic décor that adorns the walls of this hotel, giving it a very contemporary feel. This hotel has a range of services on offer for its guests including free Wifi, an amazing in-house restaurant, the Chez Roux, and even a relaxing sauna.
  • Pentahotel Inverness: This hotel plays with the guests’ minds as its décor is the perfect mix of everything nice. During the day it adopts a rather calm demeanor with a cozy fireplace in the lobby, and shelves of books adorning the lobby walls. But past dusk this hotel becomes a very popular hangout spot and has a ravishing club-like feel.
  • Columba Hotel Inverness: This is the most centrally located hotel as it is placed just a few minutes away by walk from the Inverness bus station, railway station, and castle. In fact, it rests on the banks of the Ness River, and overlooks the castle from across the river. Apart from the incredible views at this hotel, it offers come great rooms and facilities at affordable prices, making it a haven for guests to stay at, possibly making it one of the best hotels in Inverness that tourists can visit.


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