3 Exciting Things To Do On Similan Islands Liveaboard Trip

There are just so many things that you can do while on Similan Islands liveaboard trip in Thailand. No matter if you will have the trip with your diving peers or you are on a solo trip, you can engage in numerous activities that will add up to your unforgettable life experiences. Here are some of the exciting things that you can do while liveaboarding.

Explore and enjoy the waters

If you are a professional scuba diver, liveaboarding is the type of activity that you should include on your next holiday. It involves multiple dives including night dives. You get to experience and marvel the rich marine life of Thailand. Liveaboarding is suitable for divers including non-divers as it has professional divers to provide diving lessons for beginners. And since you will stay in a houseboat for several days, you have plenty of time to do practice dives with the experts. Liveaboarding also involves island hopping where you can enhance your swimming skills in one of those powdery white sand beaches. Other non-diver activities on Similan Islands liveaboard include canoeing, sailing, snorkelling, wakeboarding, whale and bird watching and fishing, to name a few.

Discover Thaiand other foreign cultures

It is always an enriching experience to discover other cultures. If you choose a mixed trip, you get to meet other guests who are usually foreign nationals and it is an interesting way to learn a thing or two about other culture or practices. Liveaboard also involves serving local Thai cuisine which is another way to experience Thai culture.

Socialize and meet new friends

Going on a Similan Islands liveaboard trip is one excellent way to meetnew friends. If you are a solo traveller, you can choose a mixed trip which is a solo-friendly trip as you get to share the trip with other divers or guests. You can engage in nightly parties or socializing in the afternoons or when visiting islands. Choose a liveaboard package that suits your budget and your lifestyle. Visit different companies to get better comparison on the packages and for you to find out where you can get more with your money.


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