12v LED Strip Lighting Applications

Perhaps you are not just aware of it but you have been looking at 12v LED strip lighting in several residential buildings and commercial establishments. LED strip lighting is a popular lighting option so it would be easy for your to find several suppliers and LED strip lighting variations in the market today. There are strip lights for outdoor and indoor application and there are also the type that are waterproof for swimming pool use. You can also find strip lights in different colours, temperature, thickness and length. Some of the common applications of LED strip lighting include the following:

Design and light up areas

The good thing about newly constructed homes and establishments is they utilize eco-friendly and compact devices such as LED strip lights. Bulky and exposed light bulbs are considered out and you will hardly find them in contemporary homes. Most modern buildings utilize sleek and clean looking lights to illuminate and design homes or business establishments. LED strip lights are used not just to light homes but also to decorate areas enhance the aesthetics of a room.

Outdoor applications

Another common function of 12v LED strip lighting is for decorating outdoor areas of homes, offices and commercial buildings. You can find LED strip lights in sky-rise buildings where you can see decorative and blinking lights that appears to floating. One indication that you are looking at LED strip lightsis their string of lights at its top down to the bottom. For outdoor applications, choose waterproof LED strip lights.

Garden or swimming pools

You can also find 12v LED strip lighting in well-manicured and beautifully landscaped gardens and outdoor swimming pools. Gardens are usually placed with LED lights to highlight elements in the garden or patio. LED lighting provides the area an intimate and dreamy feelmaking your garden an ideal setting for romantic dinners or for lovely star gazing at night. Consult an outdoor decorator or check home magazines for ideas. You can also find inspiration at online sites or home decoration websites to get more ideas on how and where to utilize strip LED lights in your area.


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